Production in Morocco
OLVE’True™ Argan Oil

OLVEA Morocco

Created in 2007 in Agadir, OLVEA Morocco produces OLVE’True™ Argan as well as OLVE’True™ Hazelnut Oils in Morocco (Africa).

With its substantial production capacity, OLVEA Morocco is the leading Moroccan producer of OLVE’True™ Argan (Argan oil). OLVEA meets the needs of the rapidly-growing overseas market whilst supporting the local population and helping to promote and preserve the Argan forest.

Located 20 km away from Agadir, in the heart of the Argan forest, OLVEA Morocco is certified by Ecocert and produces organic OLVE’True™ Argan (Argan oil) according to the CE 834/2007 regulation, as well as conventional OLVE’True™ Argan (Argan oil), 100% natural COSMOS Approved (natural raw material 100% PAAI – Physically Processed Agro-Ingredient), by Cosmécert.

OLVEA produces a complete range of OLVE’True™ Argan (Argan oils) virgin and virgin deodorized.

COSMOS Approved - Cosmecert


The kernels are delivered to OLVEA Morocco,world leader in the production of OLVE’True™ Argan (argan oil). A detailed quality control analysis of the kernels is undertaken upon receipt in OLVEA Morocco’s on-site laboratory to ensure they match the specified quality requirements. Following the analysis, the kernels are ground and then cold-pressed to extract their oil, which will be deodorized in Europe. Another quality control test is done before being packaged and shipped to our clients across the world.

Sustainable development

In order to be an active participant in sustainable development in Morocco, OLVEA Morocco’s co-workers have set up a charitable organization called Marocavie to support projects that aim to protect the Argan forest and improve the socio-economic development of the rural populations:

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    Equipment of wells

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    School infrastructures

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    Medical campaigns

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    Argan forest reforestation

Learn more about our integrated supply chains

OLVEA has set up its own integrated supply chains for OLVE’True™ Argan and OLVE’True™ Hazelnut oils, in Morocco.