Our OLVE’True™ vegetable oils

Shorten the distance from Nature to Brands

OLVE’True™ oils are a perfect embodiment of OLVEA’s corporate strategy and recognized expertise. Our commitment to continuously integrate local industrial assets into our supply chains, enables us to offer vegetable oils that Shorten the distance from Nature to Brands.

The OLVE’True™ range brings together vegetable oils whose industrial process, quality and traceability are fully monitored and meet both current social and environmental challenges.

OLVE’True™ products

Our new range of pure, natural and sustainably-sourced vegetable oils, all of which come from OLVEA’s integrated supply chains in Africa:
 The deeply nourishing OLVE’True™ Shea & OLVE’True™ Sesame in Burkina Faso,
The upcycled OLVE’True™Avocado & OLVE’True™ Macadamia in our brand-new production unit in Kenya.