Our OLVE'True™ Macadamia Oil
integrated supply chain in Kenya

OLVE’True™ Macadamia oil is a 100% pure, Natural COSMOS Approved and upcycled oil gently produced within our integrated supply chain in Kenya, East-Africa.

This lightweight oil features high stability and is ideal for providing naturalness and nutrients to hair and skincare products while leaving a dry and velvety skin feel.

Macadamia, the queen of nuts

Macadamia nuts are oil rich and nutritious. They originate from the rainforests of Queensland, Australia and are nowadays used as a natural ingredient in both food and personal care industries.

OLVE’True™ Macadamia oil aligns perfectly with consumers’ expectations for healthier and more environmentally-friendly products.

Clean & zero-waste production process

Macadamia fruit are harvested by small-scale farmers in Kenya from March to October and are subsequently dried and cracked to remove their hard shell. OLVE’True™ Macadamia oil is then obtained by mechanical pressure of the off-spec macadamia kernels.

The kernels undergoe a thorough inspection process to eliminate any defective kernels, which are deemed unsuitable for food export. The rejected kernels can still be used for the production of macadamia oil, resulting in a reduction of waste through upcycling. Additionally, by-products from the oil extraction process are valorized for animal nutrition.

Integrated and traceable solution

In 2022, OLVEA has established a brand-new supply chain and production unit in Africa, OLVEA Kenya. This new development strengthens OLVEA’s local industrial footprint, with the production of two complementary products: OLVE’True™ Avocado and OLVE’True™ Macadamia oils!

Thanks to this integrated approach, OLVEA monitors the traceability, from the fruit to the refined oil.

Our products also contribute to local human capital development, as we collaborate with producers and small-scale farmers in Kenya, providing them with secured and sustainable income and activity.

Learn more about our integrated production unit in Kenya

OLVEA has set up its own integrated production unit for OLVE’True™ Macadamia oil and OLVE’True™ Avocado oils, OLVEA Kenya.