Our OLVE'True™ Avocado Oil
integrated supply chain in Kenya

OLVE’True™ Avocado is a 100% pure, Natural COSMOS Approved & upcycled vegetable oil coming from rain-fed and hand-picked fruit in East-Africa. Gently produced within our brand-new integrated production plant OLVEA Kenya, this vegetable oil is intended for food and cosmetics.

From a superfood trend to a beauty oil

Avocados have gained popularity as a «must-have» superfood for health and wellness, leading to a growing trend in its usage worldwide. The natural
properties and powerful benefits of avocado oil have made it a prized product not only in food, but also in the beauty industry.

Clean & zero-waste production process

Our upycled OLVE’True™ Avocado Oil is obtained by gentle centrifugation of off-spec avocados. Originally intended for the local market or export, those fruit are rejected as they do not meet food quality standards.

Through this approach, resources are efficiently used by transforming non-marketable fruit into high value products, thereby minimizing waste generation and reducing the environmental impact.

Integrated and traceable solution

In 2022, OLVEA has established a brand-new supply chain and production unit in Africa, OLVEA Kenya. This new development strengthens OLVEA’s local industrial footprint, with the production of two complementary products: OLVE’True™ Avocado and OLVE’True™ Macadamia oils!

Thanks to this integrated approach, OLVEA monitors the traceability, from the fruit to the refined oil.

Our products also contribute to local human capital development, as we collaborate with producers and small-scale farmers in Kenya, providing them with secured and sustainable income and activity.