Production in Burkina Faso
OLVE’True™ Shea and OLVE’True™ Sesame

OLVEA Burkina Faso

Created in 2008 in Bobo Dioulasso, OLVEA Burkina Faso produces OLVE’True™ Shea butter as well as OLVE’True™ Sesame oil in Burkina Faso (Africa).

In 2016, OLVEA Burkina Faso inaugurated its new production site, one of the first green plant of the country : bioclimatic architecture, photovoltaic panels, local materials, innovative treatment of the Shea kernels, biomass boiler fueled by Shea cakes, etc. All the logistic and production stages have been studied to reduce the carbon footprint and reach an optimal energy self-sufficiency.

With more than 60 collaborators, including 15% dedicated to quality,10% to the supply chain and 60% at the production, our green plant has a production potential of 2.500 tons of OLVE’True™ Shea butter per year.


Fair trade and integrated supply chains

Since its creation, OLVEA Burkina Faso has decided to develop fair-trade production chains.

This initiative relies on transparent and long-term relationships with producer organizations, embodied by Collaboration Protocols.

  • Higher-than-the-market minimum guaranteed price


  • Extra quality premium that aims to promote quality control within the producer organizations

  • Total and unique traceability from the kernels supply in the villages to the delivery to our clients


  • Quality control through training of collectors in best practices on harvesting, nuts and seeds processing

  • Compliance with international customers’ requirements and the European regulations in force


  • Development of the economic fabric for the populations in rural areas: creation of direct jobs and market opportunities for the producer organizations, quality premium and development fund



Through its quality policy, OLVEA Burkina Faso is involved in a continuous improvement process

High quality procurement

OLVEA Burkina Faso has its own laboratory which omplies with the current regulations.

Good manufacturing practices

Hazards control following HACCP princples to guarantee thequality and sanitary safety of products.


Process control from the raw material supplied to the product delivery.

Customer focus

Offering conventional, sustainable, fair-trade or organic products.


To fulfill its missions, OLVEA Burkina Faso is supported by various partners:

Ministry of the Environment, green economy and climate change  (Burkina Faso): joint actions to protect the Shea resource and preserve biodiversity in OLVEA Burkina Faso’s area.

Maison de l’entreprise [business centre] (Burkina Faso): support for the technical training of OLVEA Burkina Faso’s staff.

OLVEA Foundation: opening of several literacy centers in Burkina Faso.

OLVEA Foundation

Public / Private partnerships

Public / Private partnerships with FDOV, ADA and USAID, set up with the help of ICCO and Fair Match Support, based on:

Technical support of our supply chains,
Reinforcement of the organizational and governance capacity of the producer organizations,
Equipment support for our green plant (FDOV).

OLVEA - Shea butter and sesame oil producer in Burkina Faso - Austrian Development Agency - USAID - ICCO Cooperation - Fair Match Support

Sustainable development

The sustainable commitment of OLVEA Burkina Faso, OLVE’True™ Shea butter and OLVE’True™ Sesame oil in Burkina Faso, is given concrete form by its CSR Policy, by its Global Shea Alliance and UEBT (Union for the Ethical BioTrade) memberships as well as its For Life certification.

OLVEA - UEBT - Union for Ethical BioTrade
Global shea alliance

Learn more about OLVE’True™ Shea and OLVE’True™ Sesame

OLVEA Burkina Faso produces OLVE’True™ Shea butter and OLVE’True™ Sesame oil.

Learn more about our integrated supply chains

OLVEA has set up its own integrated supply chains for OLVE’True™ Shea butter and OLVE’True™ Sesame oil, in Burkina Faso.