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OLVE'True™ Hazelnut

Thanks to your purchases of OLVE’True™ Hazelnut Organic and Fair Trade, you are actively contributing to the socio-economic development of local populations, by supporting collective projects with social, economic and environmental goals. These actions are financed by the Development Funds, managed independently by the producers partners of OLVEA in Turkey.



The drinking water connection and access project aims to improve local living conditions by ensuring a reliable supply of drinking water.

Thanks to strategically positioned 30,000-liters tanks, water is directly delivered to the heart of the village, thus ensuring access to this essential resource. Simultaneously, pipes are currently being installed to connect this system to the public network.

As the initial system had been damaged by floods, the installation of this new system was crucial to restore and sustain the village’s supply of drinking water, thus strengthening its resilience.

This project benefits not only the 1,100 local inhabitants but also the seasonal workforce (which almost doubles the number of people in the village), making a significant contribution to the overall well-being of the community.



As part of this project, one of the village’s old buildings was renovated and transformed into a fully-equipped educational building. This structure allows children to come together, build relationships and foster their local socio-economic integration, thus strengthening social cohesion. It also offers an ideal alternative for working parents who cannot afford childcare.

In this village, which usually counts 500 inhabitants, more than 600 additional people gather during the hazelnut-picking season, along with a large number of children and accompanying families.

This project directly benefits children from the farming community, but it also extends access to education to all local young people. With a capacity of 30 pupils, the school provides two meals a day. After the summer period, the school continues to play an essential role as an educational pillar within the community.

In addition to its primary educational objective, the school also creates indirect employment opportunities (teachers, cooks, maintenance staff, etc.), thereby reinforcing its positive impact.



The supply of mesh nets aims to improve hazelnut quality and harvesting techniques, thereby enhancing the productivity and sustainability in farming operations.

These nets are not just practical tools, but essential components for optimizing the production process.

By acting as protective barriers, these nets prevent direct contact between hazelnuts and the soil, thus reducing the risk of contamination and the presence of aflatoxins. Additionally, these nets provide essential protection against animals, as well as against the risk of theft. Finally, thanks to these nets, hazelnuts are protected until they are harvested, preserving the yields and profitability of producers.

These nets play a key role in preventing premature harvesting of hazelnuts in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rains: they allow the hazelnuts to ripen properly on the tree, ensuring a better-quality harvest.

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