Our eco-refining plant in France

OLVEA continues to develop while strengthening its commitment to sustainable development. After developing eco-designed production sites and sustainable production chains in Africa, OLVEA is taking a new step forward with its vegetable and fish oils eco-refinery, OLVEA Green Technologies

A new direction for OLVEA

In order to be more reactive and flexible in response to the ever-changing needs of the market, OLVEA has chosen to develop its own eco-refining plant directly on its site in Normandy.

Thanks to our integrated supply chains in Africa (OLVEA Burkina Faso, OLVEA Morocco and OLVEA Kenya) and to its own green refinery, OLVEA is now able to offer its customers biosourced and eco-refined vegetable oils with a complete traceability. These oils, prized by cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food laboratories, are used in the composition of many formulations.

A new industrial dimension

Equipped with two refining lines with a daily capacity of 100 tonnes, OLVEA Green Technologies is one of the first green and eco-designed refineries in Europe. The equipment and the process of this plant make it possible to purify the oils while guaranteeing the absence of cross-contamination. The tank farm and the eco-refinery meet the Food Defense requirements.

Our eco-refining plant is also certified according to the FSSC 22000 standard (Food Safety System Certification), which guarantees the implementation of an efficient system of health risk management and therefore the safety of its production.

OLVEA - FSSC 22000 standard - Food Safety System Certification

OLVEA Green Technologies represents:

OLVEA Green Technologies - Eco refining plant - Vegetable oils - Fish oils - People

+ 40 people
on site

OLVEA Green Technologies - Eco refining plant - Vegetable oils - Fish oils - Bulk tanks supplier

93 tanks

OLVEA Green Technologies - Eco refining plant - Vegetable oils - Fish oils

10.000 tons
of storage

OLVEA Green Technologies - Eco refining plant - Vegetable oils - Fish oils - Process

30.000 tons
of annual refining capacity

OLVEA's eco-refining unit

OLVEA’s eco-refined vegetable oils have an optimal quality and a reduced ecological footprint: the entire building and the refining process were designed to have the lowest environmental impact.

The building of an old factory has been completely rehabilitated; the demolition materials were recycled and revalorized. OLVEA Green Technologies has now 9,000m² of building, and 1,300m² of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, from which the energy production covers 50% of the needs of one refining line. The rest of the plant’s energy supply is purchased from green electricity sources.

Less than 1,5 years after its start-up, OLVEA Green Technologies has obtained the Silver level of CSR performance (Corporate Social Responsibility) following its evaluation on the Ecovadis platform.

OLVEA Green Technologies has been recognized for its excellence in terms of CSR performance and was awarded with the Platinium Medal, highest distinction for top 1% companies globally assessed by EcoVadis!

OLVEA - Oil eco-refining in France - Vegetable Oils - Oil eco-refinery

Building of

9 000m²

OLVEA - Oil eco-refining in France - Vegetable Oils - Photovoltaic panels

1 300m²
of photovoltaic panels

OLVEA - Oil eco-refining in France - Vegetable Oils - Water saving

12 millions
liters of water per year

The green plant is equipped with numerous heat exchangers to recover and interchange heat energy at different stages of the process. OLVEA has also installed 3 rainwater storage tanks, with a storage capacity of 1 million liters, to recover up to 12 million liters per year.

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