OLVEA produces a wide range of vegetable oils and specialty ingredients coming from conventional, organic or fair-trade supply chains.
Our oils are produced for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food industries.

In order to maintain the highest standards regarding the quality, traceability and consistency of its raw materials, OLVEA has set up sustainable supply chains in Morocco, for Argan oil and in Burkina Faso, for Shea butter (TrueShea™)and Sesame oil.

OLVEA is committed in promoting sustainable development, not only environmentally, but also by adding real social and economic values to the actors of our eco-responsible supply chains.

Sustainability has always been one of OLVEA’s core values. Since 2018, OLVEA formalizes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, with dedicated leading employees, through a policy and an action plan, accompanied by ambitious and quantifiable goals with the horizon of OLVEA’s 100th anniversary, in 2029. 

Since 2020, OLVEA goes further by publishing annually its CSR performance report, OLVEAct Now, which is also shared with the United Nations as part of our membership to the Global Compact.

Learn more about OLVEAct Now, our CSR report:

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Key figures

of experience and know-how
vegetable oils: conventional, organic or fair-trade
.000 tons
of oil per year
M €
vegetable oils production and refining sites

“We are continually investing for the quality of our oils, the satisfaction of our customers and our commitment to sustainable development. While maintaining our family identity, we aim at developing our people and creating a safe environment for our people and the planet.”

“We are committed to apply daily the sustainable development principles while respecting local resources, and adding real social and economic values to local communities. The local transformation ofour raw materials allows us to participate in the development of these countries and reduce the carbon footprint of our productions.”

Arnauld Daudruy, President – Managing Director Fish Oils Business Unit
Caroline Mayaud Daudruy, Managing Director Support Services
Emmanuel Petiot, Managing Director Vegetable Oils Business Unit
Bertrand Alfroid, Managing Director OLVEA Green Technologies