Throughout its sustainable supply chains, OLVEA is committed to applying the principles of sustainable development on a daily basis, not only by preserving local natural resources, but also by adding real economic and social value to local communities. This approach is based on direct, transparent and long-term relationships with producer organizations

OLVEA offers oils coming from controlled supply chains and sources you can trust.

Fair trade supply chains

OLVEA produces and commercializes fair trade raw materials (in particular TrueShea™, Sesame and Avocado oil). These products are fair trade certified by Ecocert, according to the Fair for Life standard. This standard guarantees, among other things, that producers involved in the supply chain receive a fair price, see their production tools improved, and have the means to carry out collective projects thanks to the implementation of a dedicated development fund.

Fair for Life - Ecocert

Development funds


OLVEA gives to this fund a percentage of the purchase price of the fair trade-certified raw materials bought from the farmers’ organizations to development funds. The projects financed by this fund have a collective use and benefit the community.

Among the general objectives, the improvement of individual capacities, of knowledge, of know-how, of livelihoods, of environmental impact, of techniques or equipment, etc. The development fund is managed autonomously and independently by the producers organizations.

The development funds related to OLVEA’s fair trade supply chains were thus able to finance projects aiming to support producers, by providing them with tricycles to help with the transport of raw materials, as well as improved cookstoves to combat fuel poverty and its consequences on deforestation.
Thanks to the development funds, producers also benefited from material support (construction of two storage warehouses with a capacity of 100 tons each, construction of meeting rooms, purchase of tanks, scales, telephones and computers) as well as social support (support for children’s schooling, medical expenses coverage, purchase of hospital beds, boreholes, wells, etc.).

Integrated supply chains

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OLVEA has set up fully integrated sustainable supply chains based on a production system with a global approach, allowing us to secure and control the value chain through a vertical integration (control of all stages, from the production and processing, to the distribution) from the field to our customers’ factories. Our raw materials, harvested by producers, are processed locally in our production unit in Burkina Faso and Morocco; this allows us to anchor a maximum of the added value in the countries of origin of the raw material, and thus participate in the development of these countries.

Thanks to its integrated supply chains and to its own eco-refining plant in France, OLVEA offers biosourced and eco-refined vegetable oils with full traceability, from the supply of the raw material to the delivery of our refined oils.

Our fair trade-certified products

OLVEA offers products coming from fair trade supply chains and certified according to Ecocert‘s Fair for Life standard.

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OLVEA has set up 3 production units
for vegetable oils and butters in Africa and France.

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OLVEA has set up two fully integrated supply chains, enabling it to offer
products of optimum quality with guaranteed traceability.