OLVEA Vegetable Oils produces and commercializes a wide range of pure and natural vegetable oils and butters coming from conventional, organic, sustainable and fair trade supply chains for cosmetics and nutrition.

Our vertical integration strategy, including production units in Africa, in addition to our french eco-refining plant, enables us to ensure the production, traceability and regularity of our products’ supply, while guaranteeing full compliance with the highest standards and certifications:

✓ 100% natural:

COSMOS Approved – Natural raw material, 100% PPAI – Physically Processed Agro-Ingredient (Cosmécert)
Natural Index = 1, according to ISO 16128 standard

✓ Organic certified:

Organic farming according to the European Organic Regulation (EC) 834/2007 (Ecocert)
COSMOS Certified – 100% organic product (Cosmécert)

✓ Fair trade certified, according to Fair for Life standard (Ecocert)

✓ Ethically sourced (UEBT verified)

✓ Kosher* (Orthodox Union)

 European Pharmacopeia compliant

OLVEA also offers a range of upcycled vegetable oils.

*OLVEA’s vegetable oils which are processed and refined within OLVEA Green Technologies, have obtained the Kosher certification. This certification, delivered by the Orthodox Union guarantees that the products and their production comply with all the requirements of kashrut (the laws of kosher food).

COSMOS Approved - Cosmecert
Fair for Life
OLVEA - kosher-certification-quality-food-vegetable-oils-orthodox-union


OLVEA Vegetable Oils offers a wide variety of vegetable oils in various packings:
• plastic pail or carton of 25 kg net
• plastic canister of 30 litres, i.e. 28 kg net
• steel drum of 200 kg net
• plastic IBC of 950 kg net

We can also deliver our oils in bulk by tankcars from 10 tons orders.
All these packages are guaranteed to be “edible-contact”.