Carbon Disclosure Project 2023

OLVEA achieves a “B” score from the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) 2023, highlighting our action in the fight against climate change!

🎯 This new score ranks OLVEA among the most committed companies and paves the way for us to reach our 2025 goal: receiving an “A” score! 🏆

🚀 This rating surpasses the average of all companies evaluated by CDP and companies in our industry sector.

🌟 The CDP rewards our commitment to a transparent approach and to continuous improvement in addressing global warming, including:
• The integration of climate issues at the highest corporate level
• The quality of our climate reporting
• Measuring our carbon footprint
• Our decarbonization strategy

👉 Did you know? More than 23,000 companies have been evaluated by the CDP for their actions to limit climate change, deforestation, and ensure access to water! 🌍💧

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