Castor oil

The castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) most likely originates in East Africa; it is grown in Brazil, China, and India. Its oil is extracted from seeds that contain 40 to 60% oil.

Castor oil is primarily made up of ricinoleic acid. This mono-unsaturated fatty acid has an unusual “slowing” texture and viscosity.

Castor oil’s fluidity offers a a high lubricating power. It is an excellent agent wetting and scattering pigments in make-up products.

It is used by the pharmaceutical industry (excipient, laxative) as well as in cosmetic (nail polishes, lipsticks, creams and lotions, sprays and shampoo).


• Cosmetic use: Varnish, Conditioner, dry Hair, Mascara, Skins sandbanks, Lipstick, Soap, Shampoo, Haircare, Nail care

• Pharmaceutical use (excipient)

• Technical use

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