COp28: Speech by Emmanuel Petiot

#COP28: Speech by Emmanuel Petiot, Managing Director of OLVEA Vegetable Oils!

Invited by the Global Shea Alliance to speak at COP28, Emmanuel shared impactful insights into OLVEA’s vision for transforming food systems through collaboration, innovation and a strong commitment to sustainability:

🚀 Driving transformation: fostering “coopetition” through organizations such as the Global Shea Alliance.
🔄 Building sustainable supply chains: integration across the supply chain is key, enhancing efficiency and championing sustainability.
🌱 Embracing circular economy: consider and integrate upcycling, waste reduction, and actively contribute to a circular economy.
🌐 Digitalizing agriculture: private sector-led initiatives with NGOs championing traceability and digitization of food systems for increased productivity and sustainability.
📚 Promoting sustainability through advocacy: empower consumers through education, advocating a business-consumer approach focused on long-term sustainability.
💰 Market access and open export opportunities: the private sector has the capacity to offer small farmers opportunities to increase their sales.

Let’s commit to these principles for resilient and inclusive food systems! 🌱🤝