OLVEA launches a new upcycled Grapeseed oil!

OLVEA offers a new Grapeseed oil, upcycled from by-products of wine-making and leveraged for its multiple functions and cosmetic benefits.

Grapeseed (Vitis Vinifera) oil is a natural and upcycled ingredient derived from wine production which generates an abundant by-product called grape pomace. This solid waste contains the precious seeds from which the oil is then extracted.

OLVEA’s grapeseed oil is grown and produced in Europe, using a green manufacturing process (solvent free extraction). With its low environmental impact, this product and contributes to waste reduction.

Natural COSMOS Approved as well as 100% Natural as per ISO 16128 criteria, this high-quality vegetable oil benefits from the purest assets and strengths.

Innovative cosmetic ingredient, our grapeseed oil enables personal care manufacturers to answer the growing demand for natural products. Its highly functional properties make it the perfect upcycled oil for skin and hair care formulations. With the launch of this new product, OLVEA supports the transition to a circular economy, while allowing brands to enhance their image with true naturality.

COSMOS Approved