Hemp seed oil

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is an annual herbaceous plant that originates in Central Asia. Hemp seeds contain 30 to 40% oil.

Hemp seed oil is uniquely rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid., which are essential because the human body cannot synthesize them.

Linoleic acid (omega-6) is known for the important role it plays in the structure of cell membranes. It reduces transepidermal water loss by restoring the hydrolipidic film.

Hemp seed oil has regenerative properties, acting as an excellent skin moisturizer and fighting against skin ageing. The anti-inflammatory properties of these essential fatty acids can help in the process of regeneration of minor skin abrasions
Hemp seed oil is used in the cosmetic industry in skin care and in hair care. It is the ideal raw material for anti-age products, moisturizers for mature skin, and hair care products designed to provide strength and shine.

Hemp seed oil also has interesting dietary properties. Most people do not get enough alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) in their diets. It particularly improves the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. This oil can be used as seasoning.

Range of products

OLVEA Vegetable Oils offers hemp seed oil:

  • Conventional: refined, virgin


• Cosmetic use: Face care, Body care, Conditioner, Flat hair, Dry hair, Dull hair, Massage, Dehydrated skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin, Hair products, Sun care, Soap, Shampoo, Anti-age care, Haire care, Hand care

• Food use

Cosmetic and food use