Improved cookstoves in Burkina Faso

OLVEA is one of the main actors in the sustainable production of Shea butter in Burkina Faso. As part of a partnership with L’Oréal, Entrepreneurs du Monde and Nafa Naana, OLVEA took part in the supply of improved cookstoves to women Shea producers.

Indeed, the steps of boiling and cooking Shea nuts on inefficient stoves contribute to deforestation and releases harmful fumes. In addition, collecting wood is a backbreaking and time-consuming task for women. Thus, by receiving suitable equipment and training, women producers save time and reduce their wood consumption by almost 50%!

In total, more than 4,000 clean cooking equipment were distributed over 2 years, thus avoiding the consumption of 4,500 tonnes of wood and the emission of 9,000 tonnes of CO2! Given its success, this project is already planned to be renewed in the coming months.