NUXE, OLVEA Foundation & MarocaVie: Pink October

Nuxe, OLVEA Foundation and MarocaVie join forces to fight against breast cancer in Morocco

As part of a large-scale philanthropic initiative, OLVEA Foundation, through its charity MarocaVie, and Nuxe have jointly launched a breast cancer screening campaign in rural areas of Morocco.

Thanks to OLVEA‘s local presence, MarocaVie was created, driven by the passion and dedication of its Moroccan employee volunteers. By distributing food baskets, renovating childcare facilities and conducting medical campaigns, MarocaVie actively works to support local communities.

Nuxe has expressed its wish to collaborate with OLVEA Foundation, through its charity MarocaVie, to launch a solidarity action in favor of women. This initiative reflects Nuxe’s commitment to supporting our association in working together to improve women’s condition.

Breast cancer remains one of the major threats to women’s health worldwide. However, in Morocco, access to healthcare services in rural areas can be limited, making early breast cancer detection and treatment more challenging. This is why OLVEA Foundation, MarocaVie, and Nuxe have come together to provide concrete help by setting up this screening campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pink October.

Since the beginning of the breast palpation pre-screening campaign in July 2023, a team of nurses and healthcare professionals has been travelling to the rural areas of Tiznit to examine women and identify possible cases of breast cancer. To date, over 650 women have benefited from these vital medical examinations.

On October 8th, a hundred women with detected breast cancer risks had access to ultrasounds scans carried out by specialized doctors. This day allowed these women to receive a precise diagnosis and discuss treatment options with healthcare professionals.

OLVEA Foundation, MarocaVie and Nuxe’s commitment goes even further: beyond diagnosis, patients will receive ongoing support to access essential care. The initiative also includes awareness-raising programs to actively promote early detection practices. This collaboration demonstrates the power of social commitment and corporate responsibility. Committed to making this initiative a success, we hope to inspire other businesses and organizations to get involved in similar actions to improve community health and well-being.

OLVEA x NUXE : From trust to commitment

The collaboration between OLVEA and Nuxe embodies a shared vision of social responsibility and commitment that goes beyond business relationships. It’s a story of trust, unity, and an aspiration for a positive impact.

Nuxe and OLVEA share a deep commitment to sustainability, ethics, and community respect. This synergy of values, this mutual commitment, has led to a significant milestone in our partnership, where we decided to bring our common convictions to life through an initiative that could change lives.