COVID-19 update

OLVEA is closely keeping abreast of the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 virus and doing its utmost in order to ensure a full supply continuity for all of its customers. With 90 years of expertise in producing and sourcing multiple vegetable and fish oils throughout the world, OLVEA is ideally positioned to optimize its various supply chains.
Measures are taken and will be adjusted on an on-going basis depending on the level of the pandemic in the next few days and weeks. In particular, OLVEA is already deploying a teleworking plan for all of its employees with the possibility to swiftly generalize this plan as need be.
Since the very beginning of the pandemic, OLVEA has taken all appropriate prevention and protection measures in strict alignment with governmental recommendations and will keep doing so going forward.
OLVEA is putting everything in place in order to minimize the economic impact of this pandemic and is firmly committed to ensuring the safety of its employees and to serve its customers as best as possible.
We remain available for any question that you might have.