OLVEA Vegetable Oils has joined the Executive Committe of the Global Shea Alliance!

OLVEA Vegetable Oils has joined the Executive Committee of the Global Shea Alliance!

Since 2015, OLVEA has been a member of the Global Shea Alliance (GSA) and its sustainability program, which aims to promote the sustainability and competitiveness of the Shea industry worldwide, improve the livelihoods and empowerment of rural women, and finally, strive for the protection of biodiversity.

Following an election process, OLVEA Vegetable Oils, represented by Philippe Garidou, our Sales Director, is happy to join the GSA Executive Committee! This new mission places OLVEA in a leading position to provide support and advice for the development of the strategic interests of the Shea industry and the practical necessities of its members.

OLVEA is proud to now be fully involved in this unique global initiative, enabling us to strengthen our sustainable commitments and to anchor our status as a major stakeholder in the Shea industry.