OLVEA launches its new CSR performance report, OLVEAct Now!

OLVEA publishes its fourth CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance report, OLVEAct Now,
which presents its
achievements over the past year and its vision for a fair and sustainable future. 

2029 Ambition: Striving for People and Nature 

Approaching its 100th anniversary in 2029, the company has strengthened its CSR strategy, OLVEAct Now, by collectively defining its ambition for 2029, with new goals and the engagement of all its employees. This ambition “Striving for People & Nature” revolves around three pillars: People, Product, Planet, which represent a set of challenges for the next six years.  

Given the current climate emergency, OLVEA has particularly focused its efforts on accelerating the decarbonization of its activities. The company’s overall CSR commitment was reflected not only in the training of 100% of employees in the Climate Fresk, but also in the significant actions carried out over the past year, such as: 

  • People: Achieving a score of 92/100 on the Gender Equality Index, demonstrating its commitment to parity. 
  • Product: Supplying 100% pure, adulteration-free oils through a rigorous quality policy based on the most demanding international standards and norms. 
  • Planet: Implementing an energy-saving plan to reduce the CO2 emissions of our Scope 1 and 2, following the energy audit conducted in our eco-refining unit. 

OLVEA’s contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

Member and signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2015, OLVEA contributes daily to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through its activities, the company has identified four priority SDGs in line with its CSR approach. Particular attention is given to the preservation of terrestrial and marine biodiversity (SDGs 14 and 15), as well as the fight against climate change (SDG 13). Furthermore, OLVEA attaches paramount importance to decent work and economic prosperity (SDG 8) and is fully committed to using its economic development as a lever to create positive social and environmental impact. 

OLVEA’s CSR approach has also been rewarded with EcoVadis’ Platinum medal for the second consecutive year, confirming the Group’s leadership and its position among the top 1% of the most committed and performing companies in terms of sustainability! 


A word from the President 

« We are proud to present our fourth OLVEAct Now report, which reflects our willingness to consider challenges as opportunities for a more responsible world. This report highlights the concrete and significant actions we have taken, as well as the progress made throughout the past year.” – Arnauld Daudruy, President of the OLVEA Group » – Arnauld Daudruy, President – OLVEA Group 


About OLVEA : Over 90 years of expertise and sustainable innovation 

OLVEA is a family-owned Group founded in Fécamp (Normandy) in 1929. Its initial activity was cod liver oil trading, closely linked to the activity of the fishing port of Fécamp, from where the Terre-Neuvas departed.  

Today, the Group counts 11 subsidiaries and a workforce of nearly 300 people worldwide. The company has become one of the leading suppliers of vegetable and fish oils for nutrition and cosmetics. For nearly 15 years, OLVEA has chosen to develop sustainable and fully integrated supply chains in the countries of origin of its raw materials, in order to participate in their development and improve its environmental impact.