OLVEA launches the OLVETrue™ oils, to shorten the distance from Nature to Brands !

OLVE’True™ brings together our pure and natural vegetable oils, whose industrial processes, quality, and traceability are perfectly monitored.

The OLVE’True™ range of oils come from our integrated supply chains and production units, which garantees the responsible use of natural resources and the development of social inclusion. Thus, they meet both current social and environmental challenges.

This new range includes:

💛 The deeply nourishing OLVE’True™ Shea & OLVE’True™ Sesame, produced in OLVEA Burkina Faso,

💛 The precious OLVE’True™ Argan & OLVE’True™ Hazelnut, produced in OLVEA Morocco,

💛 The upcycled OLVE’True™Avocado & OLVE’True™ Macadamia, produced in our brand new production unit OLVEA Kenya!

Experience the difference with OLVE’True™ for the development of cleaner & greener formulations.

🌿 OLVE’True™, Shorten the distance from Nature to Brands 🌿