OLVE'Care™ Shea Oil

Natural Multifunctional Ingredient

OLVEA introduces OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil, an innovative addition to our product range. Derived from Shea butter, this nourishing oil encapsulates OLVEA’s commitment to innovation and nature-inspired beauty. 100% natural, OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil is a premium choice for formulators looking for multifunctional and clean ingredients.

Shea: A must-have for your natural formulations

With a remarkable surge of over 25% in Shea-based products over the last 5 years, Shea has solidified its position as the top choice in cosmetic formulations. In 2023, Shea, in both liquid and solid forms, claimed the throne as the number one among fats and oils utilized in global cosmetic product launches, surpassing even mineral oils.

OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil helps formulators elevate skincare products, harnessing the power of this precious ingredient for a nourishing and luxurious experience.

OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil boasts a 100% natural composition (according to the ISO 16128 standard) therefore increasing the naturality of personal care products in perfect alignment with current consumer expectations and clean beauty trends.

Beyond skincare: OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil FFL
A tale of purpose and sustainability

Delving deeper into sustainable sourcing, our OLVE’Care™ range includes a Fair trade Certified OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil FFL (Fair for Life). This exceptional quality not only exceeds the bounds of naturalness but also extends to supporting local communities through Fair trade development funds.

Beyond mere skincare, OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil FFL stands as a beacon of traceability, ensuring that your choice aligns with sustainability and transparency.

Main features & properties

Designed to support the formulation of Shea-based and eco-designed products, OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil features versatile properties, encompassing high emolliency, film-forming qualities and a rich content in active compounds (up to 10 times more than almond oil).

Easy to use, it can be incorporated up to 20% in O/W emulsion without crystallization issues. By mixing different percentages of OLVE’Care™ Shea Oil and OLVE’True™ Shea, formulators can develop unique formulas with different textures and sensory signatures.

✓ High emolliency

✓ Rich in active compounds

✓ Film forming oil

✓ 100% natural Natural Index (ISO 16128 standard)

✓ Easy to use
➜ Energy & time saving (ideal for developing ecodesigned formulas)
➜ No crystallization issues up to 20%
➜ Compatible with vegetable oils including shea butter


✓ Nourishing & softening properties for smoother and more supple skin.

Effective protective film that helps reduce water evaporation from the skin, particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Restoring hair protection by coating the hair fiber making it the perfect ally for damaged & fragile hair.


✓ Applications: Skincare, Haircare, Multipurpose Cleanser, Sunscreen, Makeup