Today is African Women’s International Day!

Celebrated annually across the globe, African Women’s International Day aims to promote and support the significant role of women in being key contributors towards achieving Africa’s inclusive growth and sustainable development.

In partnership with our historical client L’Oréal and with the support of the insurance company AXA and Hystra (B4IG), we have set up an inclusive micro-insurance project “Insurance Net for Smallholders” (INES) within our TrueShea™ supply chain in Burkina Faso (West Africa) since 2021.

The aim of this project is to enable 40,000 women shea collectors and their families by 2025 to have access to:

  • Healthcare insurance against agricultural injuries, death or disability, and coverage of hospital expenses (including medical transports).
  • Climatic insurance in the event of crop losses arising from adverse weather conditions (e.g. drought).

Did you know? For over 15 years, OLVEA has been developing sustainable and fully integrated production supply chains in countries of origin of its raw materials, in order to participate in their development, strengthen the resilience of producers and improve its environmental impact.