OLVEAct With Us

Discover how many sustainable actions you’re funding thanks to the OLVEAct With Us!

Nowadays, consumers are aware of the sustainability issues, and asking for more transparency and naturality in food and cosmetic formulations. They want their purchases to make sense and have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Pioneer in the development of inclusive and integrated value chains, OLVEA innovates once again by creating the OLVEAct With Us, the first fair trade online calculator! This brand new tool allows you to calculate the social and environmental actions that you can contribute to, thanks to your purchases of products coming from OLVEA’s fair trade supply chains.

With this innovative tool, OLVEA allows you to calculate your participation in these actions regarding to your purchases of fair trade TrueShea and sesame oil. Thus, you will be able to meet your customers’ expectations by providing them with concrete claims and data.